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                Our Site is changing!!!

 SCC has been up and running since 2009 serving Lawn Mower Racers on both the local and national levels, in 2013 SCC has broke new ground and has started to become known in the ranks of Kart racers around the U.S.A. on both local and nataional levels.

New in 2013 SCC has an eBay store! If you go to eBay and search for stcroixchassis (all one word) you will come to my eBay store.

Also new for 2013 SCC has a facebook page, just go to facebook and search for St Croix Chassis and be sure and like the page.



Not only does SCC sell parts, we also build custom built race mowchines built to your specs and budget!

NEW For 2014 there is a whole new breed or mower rolling out of the SCC shop! I am working on a bunch of new builds for racers around the country and all for the same class. That is all I am going to say for now, guess you will have to watch at a local track near you to see who's passing who!


From JP to FXT class if you want to win at the track you have come to the right place...

On the local level St. Croix Chassis are as close to a sure thing to win as it gets! On the National level as long as you can hang with the big dogs you are sure to place in the top 5 at any given event. Now SCC can not guarantee winning every race, because there are factors like drivers ability that come into play; but we can guarantee that from the basic part to a full race ready chassis you are buying quality.

I am a racer who believes in helping other racers improve their race.

Please call to discuss parts you are in need of or a possible mower build for you, it doesn't cost anything to get a quote 651-235-0317 or email mail to: